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Calendar of Activities West Africa September to November 2019

Promoting agroecology in West Africa

The Food Systems Caravan was a 50 day itinerant and digital/media caravan bringing the main messages of different R4D projects to diverse institutions and the general public in the main West African participating countries, under the framework of transdisciplinary and systemic solutions for complex socio-environmental issues mirroring the relevant SDGs within the context of food security.

This journey happened from September to November 2019, and its effects are reverberating untill now. On this page you can get to know all about the journey, projects and initiatives connected.

Bridging science and practice

Our main purpose is discussing transdisciplinary and systemic solutions towards the sustainability of agricultural and food systems. Producing a documentary film about the sustainability of food systems in West Africa Linking different actors in local and regional networks, promoting knowledge exchanges on food systems sustainability including agroecology, agroforestry, organic farming and gender equality.

Research 4 Development West Africa | Project Portraits shot during the Caravan




Road Diaries
Read our journey diaries along two months
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We held 5 national conferences on Agroecology and Food Systems

We journeyed around 3000 km by land in two busy months on the road. Check the map 🙂