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The Food Systems Caravan

In a nutschell…
A 50 day itinerant and digital/media caravan bringing the main messages of different R4D projects to diverse institutions and the general public in the main West African participating countries, under the framework of transdisciplinary and systemic solutions for complex socio-environmental issues mirroring the relevant SDGs within the context of food security.

Project idea and rationale

The R4D Food Security Module has a strong presence in Western Africa, including the contiguous nations of Mali (ORM4Soil), Burkina Faso (YAMSYS/IFWA), Ghana (ORM4Soil/IFWA/DEMETER/FoodSAF) and Benin (IFWA). A caravan provides a unique opportunity of moving a coordinating/multimedia team along the road linking Bamako to Ibadan, Nigeria, where R4D partner institutions and field sites are present throughout the whole way. The team has thus the possibility of organizing and documenting synthesis activities while promoting a cross-project learning process. Besides bringing the main outputs of the different food security module projects under the framework of the R4D programme, the outputs of the project are expected to reach a much wider audience, with the production of a documentary targeting the general public and a series of resulting short videos.