Road Diaries

A Sustainable System of Organic Vegetable Production for Ajibode

[Français ci-dessous] The nigerian students Israel Akinlabi, Oluwatumininu Olutayo, Oluwatosin Adebanjo, Jamiu Adisa and Sakirat Raji from the University of Ibadan, proposed to create a Sustainable System of Organic Vegetable Production (SSOV-P). The demand for vegetable production around the Ajibode community at the University of Ibadan has become of increased importance especially when the cultivated…

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The Dominican agroecological farm in Ibadan

[Français ci-dessous] The caravan team visited the Dominican Centre for Human Resources Development in Ibadan, which is developing a 30 hectare eco-organic farm inspired by the Songhai project’s integrated agroecological model in Benin. A session about sustainable agriculture was organized in the centre, where members of the caravan team and invited guests gave short presentations…

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Open classes in high school and University of Ibadan

[Français ci-dessous] Around 30 students from the Lead City International School in Jericho, Ibadan, participated in the open class organized by the caravan team, along with two of their teachers. The presentations focused on the need of changing our food systems and making them more sustainable through the application of agroecological principles and taking into…

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